What is informal learning?

There are various definitions that describe learning in an informal, everyday setting. It is a uniquely personalized form of growth that is often spontaneous in nature - initiated by the learner’s intrinsic motivation, curiosity, and passion. The learner wil...
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Education in the 21st century

The topic of learning and education in the 21st century has been attracting interest for multiple reasons. Economic wealth and survival are contingent on increasing well-educated human resources, while individual, collective and cultural well-being rests on holistically well...
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Wrapping up 2022

December 20, 2022
Looking backIt has been a year of reinvention and growth here at Nurture People, where little people and their grown ups are at the heart of it all. Tineke planted the seed of online parent and infant classes. Parents and babies from all around Aotearoa and even from Au...
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So much can happen in such a short time.  One month ago we may have not even considered a new way of living in our own bubbles to save lives. There was a 'pandemic potential' lurking in the air but somehow we may have felt invincible.  A month ago, Tineke and I wer...
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