Poipoia te kākano kia puawai

Nurture the seed and it will blossom

Support us

Nurture People believes ALL people who nurture should have free access to support and education. We believe learning to respectfully care and educate should be a right. Donations made to us will enable us and other organisations we collaborate with to realise this right.   

Are you inspired to get stuck in? We would also love to hear from you if you would like to make a donation of services or professional time.  

We are very grateful for what you can give.

You can pay directly with all proceeds to Nurture People - 

Nurture People Charitable Trust - Kiwibank  38 9022 0048700 000

Please send an email to admin@nurturepeople.org so we can send you a donation receipt to claim the 33% tax credit.  Please remember to include your name in the bank deposit details.  

our very first priority is to practice kindness, kindness to the children, kindness to their families, kindness to our colleagues and kindness to ourselves.  This radical shift in priorities builds an ‘extending family’, a living caring community...            Pennie Brownlee