Parent & Toddler Sessions

Toddlers have the gift of living in the moment and finding wonder in the ordinary. They share those gifts by helping the adults they love to reconnect with the simple pleasures of life. 

Yes, they do have sensitive moments as they learn how to be in a social environment and live with others. They can appear wilful and unpredictable at times and their behaviour can often be difficult to understand. We unpack it together over 9 weekly sessions in a supportive and home-like studio that is toddler-friendly and nurturing for you. 

Enrolment: Our sessions are held in an intimate setting with only 8 families per term, per group, so get in touch as soon as possible to book your space.  You can easily enrol HERE

Cost: It is our goal to make these sessions available to all.  People who are able to are asked to make donations and pay it forward so other families and caregivers can benefit. Booklets accompany the classes.

"You both have a beautiful, graceful and gentle energy and I often find myself channeling my inner 'Jana and Tineke'. The little seeds you plant in mothers and their children reach far wider than you can both ever imagine as those who attend carry the lessons in our minds and hearts."

"Thank you so much for such a warm welcome into the Nurture People Whanau. The last 9 weeks have been very special - the Tuesday sessions were a peaceful haven that both Mei and I looked forward to and I am grateful to have gone through the course with Mei before Saskia arrived. We really appreciate the time and effort you and Tineke put into these sessions for us and I feel more confident facing the challenges ahead with Saskia's arrival."

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