Parent & Infant Sessions

When a baby is born, so is a parent. It’s a new role that is so rewarding but incredibly challenging at times. 

Nurture, connection and healthy relationships are vital in navigating moments through this time of transformation and growth for yourself and your child.  We invite you into a safe group where we are honest, supportive and empathetic.
These 9 weekly sessions are beautifully designed by Pennie Brownlee, based on her book Dance with me in the Heart and inspired by Dr. Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber and Rudolf Steiner. This course has the potential to change how every day with your baby feels.

Enrolment: We provide a nurturing setting with only 8 families per term, per group, so get in touch as soon as possible to book your space. You can easily enrol HERE

Cost: It is our goal to make these sessions available to all.  People who are able to are asked to make donations and pay it forward so other families and caregivers can benefit. Booklets accompany the classes.

"Nurture People is more than just a term of mum and baby classes, it feels like a warm hug. Often times I would arrive, not realising I was struggling, and then all of a sudden would feel wobbly or emotional - I guess walking through those doors releases something and forces you to drop the facade!" 

"I loved the recurring theme that we, as mums, are ‘enough’.  We are good enough; our children are getting what they need from our love and attention. We don't need to be pushing for the next milestone and actively ‘developing’ our babies. That nature will take care of that and we can just explore our relationship and get to know our tiny people."

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